Stay flyStay flyStay flyStay flyStay flyStay flyStay flyStay fly
Stay flyStay flyStay flyStay flyStay flyStay flyStay flyStay fly

We create circumstance for you
to catch and hatch ideas.

Take a second to really soak up our mission

Duif isn’t your next door roasted-bean-water server. Fresh streetcoffee service isn’t everything we do. We embody the spirit of hip hop and all of its related skills. From the four elements to skating or being a barista, when you are inspired to create and master your craft, you are hip hop. Coffee is merely our resource to stimulate that. We want to enable your inner creator. That’s why we create clothing, videos, and events as Duif Coffee. Just for you to catch and hatch ideas.

So, why should you drink Duif Coffee?

To stay fly in mind  and high in energy. To boost true focus. That’s our street coffee for ya, but hey, it’s not just a cheat code to get started in the morning. It fuels that burning desire to keep creating. Or roasting in our case. Yeah, we know, that sounds cheesy as hell. Good thing we’re from Holland, the cheese country. We roast honest beans into delicious bags of coffee ready to help with inventing new things. So you drink Duif Coffee that tastes great so you stay fly. Just don’t eat the delicious bag.


Flow is the powerful balance of being in the moment and being straight forward. Sipping the right amount of coffee will do that for ya. Don’t overdrink though, you’ll end up with 0 energy!


Thinking and doing going hand in hand while maintaining a sense of flight. The feeling you could do anything and go anywhere. Just like a dove.


As in to form and adjust. Like the form of water. Or flow. As Bruce Lee once said; move like water my friend. We just added some roasted beans.

Tune in to the Stay Fly playlist on Spotify

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